5 Simple Dressing Hacks to Change Your Dating Game

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Wear right to attract the right girls!


            Sometimes as men we think that dressing is one of the most frivolous things to invest in and a total waste of time. After all, the saying goes, what is on the inside is more important, no? You’d be surprised. Human resource personnel and dating experts have said that ‘first impressions count’ and while it is true that married men and men in a long term relationship usually do not care for their appearance, it behoves you to invest in dressing and your appearance during job interviews and first few dates.


Now, smart dressing is NOT going to Tommy Hilfiger and blowing $1,000+ on clothing. That’s what you call making a poor investment. Dressing smartly is to use minimal resources to look like a million dollars. Now, of course this involves money, but not as much as you think. In fact, it involves time and effort more than anything else – If you’ve not been taking care of yourself in terms of nutrition and exercise, a $500 G Star jeans won’t change anything.


We will break the entire process down to easy to follow steps which you can take immediately. Note that before you start dressing up, you have to make sure that you look good no matter what. Therefore the first step is…


Watch your weight


No matter what you wear, it will look better if your weight is at a healthy level. Sad to say, people go by sight, so even bling won’t be able to save you if your tummy looks like mount everest. Start exercising maybe twice or trice a week. Invest in a proper (not expensive) gym membership and invest in yourself. This may take time, but if you look good in a tight T, I’m sure she will be more than happy to be seen with you.


Now one of the reasons people who exercise regularly do not seem to be dropping weight is because their food intake remains at an all time high. This is where you need to make adjustments and reduce your intake of food to 80% of what you have been consuming. You read that right – there’s no need to starve yourself, eat only cucumber sandwiches or anything funny. Just reduce your food intake to 80%.


Change your fuel


The reason why many teenagers and young adults get acne is because of their diet. In your teenage and early 20s, you tend to rush and hustle from place to place, eating instant noodles, fast food and all the unhealthy junk that does no wonders for your system and causes the pores of your skin to secrete oil.


Therefore, change your diet. Consume more green vegetables and fruits. Drink more plain water and junk the soda. The thing about fried chicken, burgers and French fries is that although they taste really good and are the perfect comfort food, they are high in artery clogging trans fat, and the oils can cause your skin to become oily, resulting in more acne.


Cut down on wearing sports gear


Are you the sort of shirt nut that must be seen with a Manchester United jersey or New York Jets jersey everywhere you go? Reduce the number of times you wear sporting attire out as most women are not interested in sports teams at all (if you find one she’s a keeper!)


Instead, wear short sleeve button up shirts or simple colored polo shirts if it is hot where you live. Keep your sports team jerseys for the time when you meet your mates at the pub or when you are travelling to watch a game.


Choose spectacles that do not make you look fatter


Unless you have slim and sharp features, it is advisable to select eyewear that is more to the squarish side rather than round circular eyewear. In general, circular or rounded eyewear makes you look fatter, so it is best to select squarish eyewear. Also, select spectacles that are of normal colors, eg turtleshell, black, silver/titanium etc.


If you select pink or purple frames when you’re a guy, be prepared for some strange looks from her or from people around you.


Dress smart but simple


There’s no need to wear a suit, tie or jacket when you go on a first date to meet her. However, neither should you wear sloppy T shirt and jeans either. Dress smart and simple. Select a pair of jeans or slacks that is either denim, dark brown or black. Do not wear hip hop baggy jeans. Wear a simple, clean top that is either light grey, white, dark blue or brown. Or, a polo T of the same color. You may choose to wear a hoodie depending on the temperature and climate of your location.


If you are planning to meet her after work, it would be a useful investment to tailor make your shirts and slacks. Most off the shelf office clothes are mass produced and horrible looking, some looking as if they were designed in the 90s. Consult a good tailor – he doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Make 2-3 sets of office wear which is comfortable enough even after work.


Invest in two good pairs of shoes – one for formal occasions and the other for a night out in town. Try to avoid wearing Nike or Adidas sneakers...nothing wrong with them, they make excellent sports wear. However, they are not suitable for dates, going to the club and meeting new people. Wear them for jogging or your tennis sessions, but select leather shoes for work as well as a night out in town.


Of course, leather shoes for the weekends have a much softer and more casual look, which is what you want to aim for rather than wearing slightly harder leather used for office shoes.




Clothes maketh the man – Sometimes you may not think that it is such a game changer but let’s face it...we live in a world of physical appearances. Therefore, in order to get ahead in the game you have to dress the part as well. And this is where your clothing can actually give you a slight advantage. 

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