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Dear Editor,

I am an amateur body builder who has used soy based protein powder for about 4 months. During that time period, I realized that I had absolutely no desire for sex, I had trouble even getting an erection, and when it got it up, it refused to stay hard.

Before that, I recall that most of the time, there was no issue with that – I could get an erection and have sex without issues.
I’m thinking now, is it the protein powder that’s giving me problems?

I doubt that anything else is giving me these issues


Hi Kamikaze,

There is a chance it may be the causal factor. Every human body is different, and some people’s bodies react badly to a consistent consumption of soy or whey isolate, which is commonly found in protein powders and bodybuilding products.

Even if the cause of your erectile challenges may not be the protein powder, excess consumption of protein powder will lead to many health challenges. These include kidney damage, liver problems, kidney stones and more.

What you can do is to reduce or stop the consumption of the protein powder for the time being. Focus on getting proper nutrients and real protein into your body – we’re talking lean meats, chicken breast meat and fish (rich in Omega 3) here. Observe and note if there are drastic changes.

If you notice your libido retuning, sell off the remaining whey/soy protein or just junk it. 

Your Friend, 

The Editor

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