Foods to Improve Male Performance - Eat Well Erect Well

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Eat well, erect well


            Let’s face it – we live in a world where everyone thinks that ‘bigger is better’. And who could blame them? The media, both online and offline portray bigger biceps, bigger boobs, bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger everything. Even bigger penises in the porn industry.


This is more so apparent in the area of improving male performance, where people talk about gadgets, surgery, and foods to improve male performance. Out of the three mentioned, the one with the lowest risk falls under foods to improve male performance. However, it can also take a while but the benefits are enormous (literally) and more than just bedroom performance.


You see, the human body may be made up of different organs, but all of them function effectively as one collective unit. When one organ is failing or when a certain part of the body is afflicted with injury or pain, the rest will manifest problems or inability to function effectively as well.


Therefore it behoves us to have the knowledge and the habits to keep the entire body functioning at an optimal rate so whenever you have the good fortune of meeting someone who wants you to place your hard and strong manhood inside her, you’ll always be ready.

Now, the advice here will be separated based on the organs that are used in the male performance process so you can judge what kind of food or herb to consume to improve male performance.


Foods to Improve Male Performance




The brain, as they say, is the most important sex organ of them all. Why? Simply because your brain is the ‘headquarters’ of the nervous system and all other bodily functions. If you have noticed people with depression or anxiety (or if you’ve been through such periods yourself) their libido levels tend to drop really low. A person with a healthy mindset, healthy body and highly functional brain will also have no issues getting a hard and thick erection.


Therefore one of the first things you’ll need to do is to consume foods that stimulate the brain yet not over work it to the point of anxiety. Oily fish is one of the first food that come to mind. Oily fish are a good source of DHA, which is needed to improve memory functions in the brain ,manage stress and produce sufficient serotonin, which is needed to boost libido and command the blood to pump into the penile chambers. Oily fish include species such as Mackerel, Salmon, Trout etc. If you’re a vegetarian you may opt for flaxseed, soya beans, pumpkin seeds and walnuts as alternatives.




If your heart stopped beating, what you happen to you? I think the answer to that is pretty much self explanatory. Besides keeping you alive, the heart helps pump blood to all organs and all corners of your body. It also pumps nitric oxide to the blood vessels, widening them to receive more blood. More blood in your penis means harder, thicker and stronger erections.


Also, bear in mind that whilst having sexual intercourse, you’ll need the stamina to keep your erection up as well as your penis hard. Therefore start to observe what you put on your plate as it could affect your erections. Foods that you need to look at are oily fish (again),olive oil, walnuts, green vegetables and fruits. This is because Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium are essential minerals needed for a strong heart which can pump blood rapidly into your penile chambers at the drop of a hat. Or her panties.




Blood is the life liquid of the human body. It supplies oxygen to tissue, transports nutrients to other parts of the body, helps clotting from an open wound, and removes waste. Blood also has an important role to play in getting hard erections. Nuts are well known for their blood circulative properties, as are bulbs such as garlic and ginger. Citrus fruits such as orange are high in vitamin C and strengthen capillary walls.




In certain men, the prostate tends to enlarge as they age. This is due to poor diet and poor lifestyle. An enlarged prostate can lead to not only urinary issues, but erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. There fore, while you are still young (or older but still relatively healthy) consume food rich in lycopene. This would include pink guava, watermelon and cooked tomatoes (not the canned ones). These fruits help maintain your prostate in good working condition, so urination, ejaculation and orgasm becomes an enjoyable sensation, not a painful  and dreadful one.


Nervous System


The nervous system is one of the most important organs in the sexual process as it is related to the actions of sensory functions such as touch, smell, sight – all of which are heavily involved in the sexual process. Therefore, the nervous system plays a huge part in your erectile hardness as well. Food that is rich in magnesium will benefit the nervous system greatly. These would include leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereal such as oats and brown rice. Oatmeal porridge also helps nourish the nervous system greatly.


Other Supplementary Herbs


People in the west have only become familiar with herbs from the east known as adaptogens. Adaptogens help the body adapt to situations as needed. For example, if the body is feeling anxiety or stress the herbs calm it down. If the body needs energy to pump blood into the penile chamber the herbs assist in the process. Famous adaptogens include ginseng, ashwagandha, epimedium, maca and longjack.




Your body is a wonderful piece of machinery. In order for it to function effectively, like a BMW engine, you’ll need to eat right and cut out harmful habits from your life. The key in all this is moderation. I mentioned salmon was good for the brain earlier – do not run off and engorge yourself with salmon everyday. It does not work this way.


Plan your diets and your exercise. Have fish and vegetables on one night, and maybe chicken and salad the next day. Throw in fruit, and allow yourself one cheat meal (fast food or whatever) once in two weeks.


Remember, balance your diet and your lifestyle, and you will see the ‘big’ changes in your pants.

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