Male Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Symptoms and Natural Cure

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From Flaccid to Fabulous


The most challenging topics on the minds of most men involve finances, conflicts, illness...and erectile dysfunction. It is no coincidence that the male performance market is worth billions of dollars.


When it comes to matters of the penis, the situation becomes tense and sensitive. Long regarded in ancient cultures (and even till today) as a symbol of fertility and strength, the penis has been venerated and adored. It has also been the source of worry whenever symptoms of erectile dysfunction pop up. And scarily enough, erectile dysfunction is a condition in modern society that has popped up not once, but many times, in different men. In fact, even the healthiest of men go through temporary erectile dysfunction once in their lifetime.


Male Erectile Dysfunction Causes


So what is the main cause, and can we rid mankind of this horrible infirmity? The truth is, there may be numerous factors causing this problem. Psychological, emotional, physical, dietary, and other factors could have been active factors. But worry not, we are going to break  them down so you can see the causes of male erectile dysfunction, and hopefully find your cure.


Male Erectile Dysfunction Causes


Psychological causes


Believe it or not, the brain is the most powerful sex organ. The reason being the brain is the command centre of the body. When a man is sexually stimulated, the brain sends signals via the nervous system to the blood stream and the penis fills up with blood.


What happens when your mind is full of anxiety and worry? The brain doesn’t function at its optimum, and messages to the nervous system will be haywire. Therefore, the penis doesn’t get the erection desired when the man is full of anxiety or nervousness. This is known as performance anxiety, and is the most common form of psychological dysfunction cause.


Gentlemen, you’ll need to focus not on the end goal of ejaculation, but of enjoying the moment. Stay present, and ignore getting an erection but enjoy her body and her presence. However, if you have anxiety in other areas of your life as well, a visit to the psychologist or taking up meditation with a guru may help as well.


Emotional causes


This could include depression-causing events such as the passing of a loved one, moving house, retrenchment, breakup, divorce, or being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Honestly, if you’re going through any of the above events, forcing yourself to have an erection or sexual encounter should be the last thing on your mind.


Take time to heal. Invest in activities that make you feel good instead of feeling awful. Focus on slowly letting go of what has happened. Spend time with positive people. Go out and meet more new people, and not be stuck in this period of pain. Also, if you have been through any traumatic events, work with a psychologist who will help you let go and be confident to face a new future.


Also, get outdoors and do some light exercise. Exercise stimulates serotonin and endorphins, which are chemicals necessary for your libido and desire in terms of sex.


Note: if you’ve not exercised in years or never before, it would be safe to get a qualified personal trainer who will give you sound advice on what exercises to start work. Doing the wrong ones could get you killed.


Physical causes


Unfortunately, if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes or any related illnesses there is a high chance that you are on medication that will cause fatigue and probably is one of the main causes of male erectile dysfunction.


Here’s where we will place a huge disclaimer: DO NOT stop consuming medication. Continue as instructed by your doctor. But in the meantime, ask your doctor for advice concerning eating healthy, light exercise and when your course of medication will end. Once your course of medication ends, consult a trained traditional medicine practitioner. There is a high chance that they will prescribe herbal solutions such as ginseng or ashwagandha to help you recover from fatigue, however it is best not to self prescribe first.


Dietary causes


Sure, the huge stacked burger and pizzas look so tempting and you can easily buy loads of them. But do you really want to eat that everyday for every meal? Transfat clogs up your arteries, causing blood flow problems and resulting in erectile challenges. Junk food is also cooked with partially hydrogenated oil and contributes to high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.


Sugary food and soda contributes to diabetes as well as decreased nitric oxide levels, and nitric oxide is essential for erectile functions as well. It behoves you to cut down on the sugary drinks, sugary milk tea (in Asia especially) and the sodas.


Other causes


If you drink hard liquor like plain water or smoke like a steam train, it is kind of obvious that you are setting yourself up for erectile heart pain. Set up a plan to quit smoking in a month or more. If you love alcohol, switch to red wine instead. Consume in moderation, or take a glass a day instead of a whole bottle.


The faster you quit these habits, the faster your lungs and liver can repair and strengthen themselves and the faster you can get your mojo and erectile hardness back. As sex involves the whole body, you’ll need a healthy set of lungs, good heart to pump the blood to where it matters most and a good liver to help detoxify the body and keep it functional in all aspects.


In conclusion…


Causes of erectile dysfunction may vary. However if you take the challenges step by step, bit by bit, it is possible to kiss erectile dysfunction goodbye in a couple of months. It takes bold step of faith to step out first and tell yourself: I MUST change my lifestyle and habits.


Put all of the above together, step back and start to see results in your body like you’ve never seen before!

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