How to Prevent From Early Pregnancy Naturally

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If you’ve watched those teenage movies during the 90s and 2000s, the biggest worry for most males after having sex with their girlfriends is pregnancy. Of course on screen it may seem funny but in real life it is no joke. Having a child is expensive even as a young married couple and more so as students….in fact its crazy.


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It will rob you of your dreams and you will be forced to spend your money on milk powder, diapers and you will spend most of your time working in a job you hate in order to raise the child.


So if you’re below the age of 21 and reading this, don’t be stupid and sacrifice 5 seconds of enjoyable ejaculation for years of suffering. Look for alternative methods of birth control. Today we talk about the different methods of pregnancy prevention, and what you can choose  in order to still have fun, sexy time but not worry about a baby.


Oral sex


Of course, some people may be horrified by the idea of putting something that secretes urine into their mouth. This boils down to trust in your partner’s hygiene- will you trust him/her to keep their genital area clean and thus there will be no bacteria or smell?


What most couples do is take a shower before oral sex. Basically, there is zero chance of pregnancy when oral sex is involved, unless it leads to sexual intercourse. This is because the semen is ejaculated into the partner’s mouth or somewhere else. The irony is, some couples prefer oral sex. For the man, he may feel more sensation in his penis as a mouth is wet and the tongue strokes the sensitive parts of the penile region.  For the lady, the clitoris is an ultra sensitive portion of the female genitalia and stimulating it with a wet tongue will send shudders of sensation throughout her body.


So therefore, quite a number of couples select oral sex over intercourse as the vagina may be dry and not prepared for penetration. It also has the advantage of zero chances of pregnancy.


Withdrawal method


A highly risk method. Even though he may pull out before ejaculation, chances are that pre-ejaculatory fluid contains sperm which may lead to pregnancy. Also, if the male is inexperienced he may not be able to control his ejaculation in time and may ejaculate inside the vagina. Most young men also would not want to pull out due to the extremely powerful and positive sensation an ejaculation brings.


Using a condom


This is probably the most common method of pregnancy protection out there. Condoms are the most readily available form of contraceptive that you can find in pharmacies, supermarkets, and neighbourhood groceries. Now that said, the stigma of buying condoms when you look like a kid is quite challenging in Asian societies. However, most youths nowadays are quite bold and liberal so it may not be so much of a deal.


Also, for some who unfortunately suffer from premature ejaculation due to the sensitivity of the penis, a tight condom may cause you to get excited earlier and ejaculate faster, or for those with anxiety, may cause the erection to fizzle out. A condom is also not a 100% effective method against pregnancy, however, if worn properly it does its job. Condoms come in different shapes and sizes, and some even with fruit should you decided to have oral before intercourse.


Using the morning after pill

Normally people take the morning after or emergency pill during the following situations:


  • The Condom broke during sex (highly unlikely)
  • The Condom came off during sex (if your erection fizzles out)
  • You or your partner forgot to use a condom
  • You forgot to take oral contraception


However, this pill should not be taken on a regular basis as it has strong side effects, which include vomiting, headaches, bleeding and nausea. Do not consume further if symptoms persist or get worst. The morning after pill should also be taken as soon as possible, in order for it’s effectiveness to work.


Birth control pills


Now, if you really want full sexual intimacy with your partner and would relish him ejaculating inside you, the next best option would be the birth control pills if long term sexual relations is what you plan for. Birth control pills are basically female hormonal birth control chemicals that you swallow once a day on a consistent basis.


Basically birth control pills have hormones that control the development and release of eggs in the ovary and prevents the sperm from reaching the egg. The troublesome part of the birth control pill is that she has to consume it everyday – if she misses just one day and the guy ejaculates inside, there is a chance of pregnancy.


Therefore this method is not 100% foolproof. It however, is a safe method should you never forget to take your pills regularly.




If you’re only 18 years old and want to have children in the future, NEVER use this method. Vasectomy is a permanent surgical procedure, and the tubes carrying sperm are severed and then tied or sealed in a manner so as to prevent sperm from mixing with semen (ejaculate) and thereby prevent fertilization.


The procedure is permanent.  Unless you’re a 40-50+ year old man with 5 or 6 children, do not undergo this surgery at all. It is not meant for young men who have yet to start a family. Instead, use options such as condoms or birth control pills.




Of course, the most effective and ideal method of birth control is abstinence. However, how many young couples can actually effectively control their desires and not end up humping like rabbits?  Therefore, it is good to educate them on the things they should do to prevent an unwanted pregnancy or complications that come with it.


Yes, your time will come to be a parent and have a family, but the teenage years should be one of having fun safely and not pushing a pram around...yet.

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