Want to shoot like a porn star? Here are the effective ways to do so

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Shoot like a porn star!


            Men would have faced a situation at least once in their life when they anticipate a forceful load of ejaculate, only to get a weak dribble. Now if you’re between the ages of 15-50,  to have a naturally forceful ejaculation is a sign of healthy male function.


There are situations, though where your performance ends up less than satisfactory. For such  situations, there are reasons, causes and effects. We will talk about the most likely causes of weak ejaculation and how you can rectify it in order to amaze your partner and have her drooling over your virility once again!


Eat clean, clear the airway


Take a look at your diet. Are you loading your body with crap such as fast food, fried stuff, sugary pastry and cola? Trans fat from junk food clogs up your arteries and the oil from fried food gives you obesity. Sugar from cola and pastry increases the chances of diabetes and high blood pressure. All these will affect your heart muscle and blood flow, which is needed for a strong erection and powerful ejaculation. So, cut down drastically on the above.


Consume more salads – don’t use thousand island as dressing, but natural dressings such as  olive oil salad dressings with thyme, basil, garlic etc. Get your omega 3 boost with oily fish and your protein from nuts or lean chicken meat. When your heart gets stronger, your blood vessels get healthier and blood flows easily, having an erection and ejaculation that sends her to heaven is as easy as ABC.


Also, if you are a heavy smoker, cut down or quit completely. Your airways will improve and your will find your body improving its performance to a level you would have never expected in terms of hardness and ejaculate power.


Add in the turbo


It’s obvious we’re not talking about sports cars here. So what is adding in the turbo? It’s simple, really – Supplements give you the energy to fire off more intense and greater loads when you ejaculate.


Supplements that can help improve your ejaculate include Vitamin C (which can be consumed naturally as well by eating loads of fruit and veg) Zinc (found in pumpkin seeds and Oysters), L-Arginine, Korean Ginseng, and saw palmetto to strengthen prostate. Consume these herbs in moderation and do not overdose or consume over the long term as the body would soon adapt to them, reducing their efficacy.




The most effective ways to health and wellness are not shrouded in secrecy. They are accompanied by blood, sweat and tears. And it takes a lot of sweat in order for you to have a healthy body, strong muscles and powerful ejaculation.


If you’ve never exercised regularly before, you may want to take it slow and easy first. Do not do crossfit or some high intensity exercise immediately. Start with brisk walking, qigong or pilates maybe 3 times a week. Slowly increase the intensity. You may want to consult a qualified fitness trainer for this one.


Exercise will help channel blood and oxygen to the penile regions for hardness, as well as improve bodily stamina and urinary strength for a strong ejacuate.


Regulate your sexual sessions


What this means is to simply reduce the number of times you masturbate or have sex a week. As you age, your body finds it harder and harder to deal with recovery after multiple ejaculations. Therefore, you’ll need time to recover.


Worry not, we are not talking about weeks or months, in fact in 48 hours it is possible to recover most of your depleted semen. As long as you do not further deplete or stress your adrenals with unnecessary intense activities you should be able to recover between 2 days to a week. Therefore, temporary short periods of abstinence in between sex may do the trick.


Deal with your mood


Sometimes, the reason for a poor sexual performance or a dribble instead of a shot comes because you are feeling depressed, down or troubled about something. It may also be because of stress or mental fatigue. It would therefore be beneficial to take a few days off to rest. Forget about sex and settle your challenges first.


When you’re in a relaxed mood or a state of arousal, your body will naturally create an erection as well as push more semen out, inducing a stronger sensation when you ejaculate.




The human body is a complex mechanism – when one component is affected so are the other functions. When you wish to improve penile functions, look at the whole picture. Take note if there are other physical, emotional or medical challenges you may be facing.


You may be worried sick, but the solution is probably simpler than you think and will not require surgery or any form of expensive aid.

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