7 Simple and Powerful Exercises that Will Improve Your Bedroom Stamina

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Become her Hard Core Sex Machine!


Many athletes, martial artists and even serial playboys know this – the essence of a man’s power lies in the core muscles. Now, to most people out there, core = stomach muscles or abs. NOT TRUE. Your glute muscles, hips, abdominal muscles, inner abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, and scapula all form your core.


These are muscles that will help your trusting in bed, as well as to experiment with kinky new positions. Not only that, strong core muscles help reduce injuries, improves your nervous system and gives you a strong back.


So today, we will introduce some basic exercises to strengthen your core and in a few months time, you can amaze her in bed (if you do these exercises consistently and don’t cheat). Before doing these exercises, find a yoga mat or something to cushion your back.


Knee tucks


1) Sit straight and do not hunch. Put your hands on the floor, keep knees bent, and try to put a medicine ball between your knees (basketball or soccerball are okay replacements)


2) In this position, do not move your upper body. Bring your bent knees close to your body, then away from your body again, mindful not to drop the ball. Do so for 20 reps.


Rope climber


1) Sit up straight and extend your legs. Form an ‘L’ shape with your body. Slightly curve your spine.


2) Lift arms and move them as if you were climbing a rope – right up, left down and vice versa. Twist slightly with each reach. Do 20 times with each arm.


Side suspended crunch


1) Turn your body sideways. Have your left knee and left hand on the floor, right arm straight up. Extend your right leg so your body forms a line parallel to the ground.


2) Pull your right knee toward your tummy and your right elbow towards the knee. Straighten arm and leg. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.


Knee rotation plank


1) Go into pushup position with your butt and back straight.


2) Tuck your right knee in and circle it clockwise, then reverse direction and repeat for 10 reps. Change legs.




Normal plank


1) Go into pushup position with your butt and back straight.


2) Supporting your body with your right hand, rest your left hand parallel to the floor, then do the same with your right hand. Both your hands should be on the floor up to the elbows.


3) Arch your back slightly and keep your butt in the air. Hold for 20 seconds.


*Note – if you are not feeling a strain you’re doing it wrong


Mountain climber


1) Go into pushup position, and tuck in your right leg, leaving the other stretched out behind.


2) Switch positions swiftly, this time left leg tucked in and right stretched out behind.


3) switch positions for 20 reps, and increase reps when comfortable.


Core slider


1) Get into pushup position on a smooth floor. Put a towel under your feet.


2) Straighten legs and raise your hips. The feet should glide effortlessly toward your abdomen because of the towel. Do this 10 times.


Other alternatives...


If you do have the money and the time, you may want to be trained in swimming, aerobics, yoga or boxing. These are sports that will help strengthen your core and your overall stamina to give you a zest for life, energy and power in the bedroom!

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