How to be her Mr Perfect...well, almost

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Let me start by stating a politically incorrect fact – to men most women are confusing. We cant live with them, and we can’t live without them. Yet if a man spends time fine tuning certain areas of his life, not only will he find happiness and success, he will naturally attract women to him to the point he doesn’t want to!


So without further ado, we will start by asking questions that probe areas of your life you’ve probably not taken a hard look at the blind spot mirror. No worries, no matter how old you are things can be changed.


What do you do after work each day?


If you’re the sort who plonks down on the sofa and starts to channel surf aimlessly, listen up. The same goes for the guy who switches on his gaming laptop and games from dinner time to   3 am in the morning. YOU NEED A GOAL.


What we mean by this is you’ll need to have something to work towards to, whether it be to start your own business, to become a dancing instructor, to become the author of a book even. Women love men who are driven – they can sense it from his energy and body language. If you learn pick up techniques but you remain the same dude who games after work, don’t waste the money. You must be ready to change in order to see things happen.


What goes through your mind every morning?


There’s a huge difference in results from people who moan “good god, it’s morning” to chirpy people who jump out of bed squealing “good morning, God!”


Be the kind of person that people want to be around. No matter if the papers say the economy is bad, 1 in 10 people will die from xxx disease or terrorism is at the door step, always look at the positive potential of life (we advise not reading the news first thing in the morning).


Throw hollywood out of the window – women would rather be with a humorous, happy guy with good energy than the brooding, emotional type. It’s the same with you. Would you rather have whiny, complaining friends and an emotionally draining girlfriend or fun, positive buddies and an exciting girlfriend who challenges you to up your game and reach your potential?


Who are your buddies?


Speaking of friends, what do your friends do? Are they always taking courses, upgrading themselves and travelling to exciting places? Or are they just whining, complaining about the government, doing the same thing every day, buying the lottery hoping to prosper, and throwing pity-parties?


The late millionaire Jim Rohn once said: 'You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.' What he means is if you spend your time with people who are go getters and innovators, you’ll end up as one yourself. If you spend your time with people who are losers in life, know the answer.


Look for people who can encourage you, prod you to success and give you good advice. These people are worth more than gold or silver because they challenge you to invest in yourself and do better everyday.


Are you addicted to porn or are you meeting real women?


Men who spend most of their time at home watching porn instead of going out and mixing around eventually develop erectile or ejaculatory problems. It’s not like they’re suffering from illness but because their mental and hormonal state is out of balance, they indulge in unhealthy behaviour.


This will cause problems in your sex life over the long term. The best thing you can do is to see a specialist if it is addictive, then go to the gym, or join an interest group where you meet real women. Treat them as friends or training partners and develop healthy relationships thereafter. Porn has been proven to be destructive, so end it.


Do you take care of your body or bother about your looks?


We’re not asking you to spend 6 figure sums to look like Cristiano Ronaldo. Neither are we asking you to be a full time bodybuilder. However, if you look in the mirror and you do not like what you see, do something about it.


Take up gym membership, martial arts or sports. Push yourself. Hang out with trendy people and learn how to dress. Better yet, ask them how to use economical/budget priced clothes and make your self look like a million bucks.


When women notice that you take some effort in your presentation and dressing, they will show interest and want to get to know you. (Yes, it may sound shallow, but we live in a world where appearances count).




You may not be the Mr Right or Mr Right now for the girl you may like, but when you take steps to improve yourself as a person, you will become the Mr Perfect for someone out there. Take note that women are all different with different personalities, so you cannot please everyone.


Some may like the new you and some may resent it. But for sure, you will attract women who want to be with you. It is our pleasure and promise that when you are equally selective about the type of woman you allow into your life, you will be a happier person and the world will be a happier place.

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