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Unauthorised Products Sold without our Permission

Dear Customer,


After the departure of our heath consultant Hari Jumaat on 17 February 2016, we learnt through customer complaints that he sold unauthorised supplements and collected cash payments without our knowledge while representing WOW Nutrition at our Jurong East Centre.


Numerous customers have complained about supplement ineffectiveness and have reported becoming ill after taking these supplements.  So far we know the following products have been sold without our knowledge - Bazooka, Spermomax, Stallion XL, and Prolong Plus.  WOW Nutrition does not represent these products and has not evaluated them for safety nor efficacy.


If you have purchased these products from Hari Jumaat or have been directed to a location at Golden Landmark to purchase these products, please inform us immediately.  We do NOT have a WOW Wellness Center at Golden Landmark.  Your health is our primary concern.


All 70+ products listed on the WOW Nutrition website (including Vimax & Vigrx Plus) have been carefully vetted for safety and compliance with local health regulations.  While we stand by our products, we cannot assure the safety of products that were sold by Hari Jumaat that are not listed on our website.


We consider this is a very serious matter which compromises the safety of our customers and our reputation.  We have contacted the Police, Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Commercial Affairs Department (CAD), Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), and a law firm to get assistance with investigation.


Please let us know which unauthorised supplements you were sold and we will assist you with resolving side effects and will record your information in case health problems arise in the future.  You may contact:


Amit Bhandari (English, Hindi) at Serangoon Plaza Centre (9777-5034)


Aiman Yusof (English, Malay) at Joo Chiat Centre (9777-0552)


You may also email us at [email protected].


Also inform us if unknown persons contact you to promote the sale of health products.  Your privacy is our priority.  Theft of customer data is a cybercrime - your concerns will be addressed.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.


* Please note that Hari Jumaat is no longer an employee of Affluent Trade Management Pte Ltd and is no longer representing the WOW Nutrition brand.  Jurong East Centre is now permanently closed.  Our remaining centres are at Serangoon Plaza and Joo Chiat.  We have NO centre at Golden Landmark.




The Team at WOW Nutrition