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Free Women's Intimacy Coaching

My name is Anne Goswami.  As a mother, wife and business owner, I've struggled for many years to maintain romance and intimacy in the relationship with my husband.

Raised in a strict Catholic household, I've had to overcome denial of my own sexuality. 

Often times as the stress of daily living and demands pile on, limited time, and tiredness leads to emotional distance between a man and woman.  While a man can often be aroused and desire sex easily, it takes some time for a woman to relax and get in the mode for lovemaking.

When women do not have this space, and men do not get their sexual needs fulfilled at home, then often times there is the temptation to seek sex outside the relationships.  This can lead to devastating consequences. 

Even when this does not happen, the underlying frustration felt by men when sex is denied leads to strain on the relationship.  Men's egos are tied to being a provider and being desired sexually.

During the course of improving intimacy in my marriage, I've learnt techniques for NLP, relaxation, self-arousal, and love languages.  Most importantly I've mastered coaching techniques and processes that have helped me and other women realize the truth within themselves and take our own positive steps towards personal growth and intimacy.

I am committed to coaching women and teach them coaching skills so they can help other women.  This is my way of giving back to society and helping to improve the lives of women worldwide.

If you are seeking answers to issues, then call or message me at 9777-0552.  Let's schedule a time to meet and work on life-changing coaching!

This is a free service I am providing with hopes that good intentions will be passed onto other women through the skills you learn and examples you set.  I belong to one women's mastermind group that has helped me tremendously with my growth.  I am organising other groups to create a self-supporting network of women that learn from each others experiences and coach each other in confidential sessions to help identify and overcome blind spots that stop women from overcoming self-limiting beliefs.